ZF2005 Threaded Pin/Box Connector

Threaded Pin Box ConnectorZF2005is OPT’s patented and field-proven line of premium weld-on threaded connectors for production and drilling risers. The patented ZF2005 is engineered especially to meet the demanding requirements of deepwater TLP and Spar production and drilling risers. “ZF” stands for zero-fatigue and these connections have the ultra-low stress amplification factors compatible with the stringent fatigue life requirements of production risers.


The ZF2005 has been engineered, analyzed, and fully static and fatigue tested to assure compliance with API RP 2RP and ISO 13679. It has been used in production risers both throughout the entire riser string as well as in the highly-loaded locations in hybrid riser strings.


Each ZF2005 connection is custom engineered by OPT to meet the customer’s exact specifications...and to provide the most cost-effective connection for the project.


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