Tubular Handling & Inspection

OilPatch Technologies has played a pioneering role in tubular handling and inspection projects for over a decade. Work includes creation of inspection calibration standards, and manufacture of equipment used to handle and transport oilfield tubular products (casing, tubing, and drillpipe).

Tubular Handling Inspection by OilPatch Technologies

OPT is a leading provider of EDM calibration standards, primarily for the oilfield, to calibrate non-destructive testing and corrosion inspection equipment and operations. OPT provides services of manufacturing calibration standards on customer pipe or vessels both in the field as well as in OPT’s shop. OPT also sells a proprietary EDM notching system with custom power supply, enabling customers (with OPT training) to create their own calibration standards.


OPT has the expertise and experience to engineer and manufacture pipe handling and transport equipment and systems. OPT designs include conveyors to move, lift, and rotate pipe; rotators to feed pipe during threading, welding or inspection operations; hydrotesters and cleaning systems to prep pipe for service; SEA systems to magnetic-particle inspect pipe ends; mobile equipment for field coating of pipe; and unique pipe-transport related applications.