Tubular Connections

OPT is a leader in providing innovative and reliable tubular connections and accessories for the oil and gas industry. OPT’s extensive expertise and experience in the design and manufacture of threaded connections and compact flanges has been employed world-wide to solve some of today’s toughest challenges. Whether it’s a deepwater production riser in a high-fatigue ocean environment or a downhole casing string in an extremely corrosive well, OPT has the solution you need.OilPatch tubular connection offering industry-leading performance

OPT’s field-proven threaded riser connectors are in use around the world meeting the demands of deepwater drilling and production. The ZF2005weld-on and the NF2000™ threaded-and-coupled connections offer unsurpassed, industry-leading performance and fatigue life for TLP and Spar production and drilling risers. In addition, OPT has developed other special threaded connections to meet our customers' needs. This includes connections for titanium tubulars and a unique electrically resistive coupling (ERC) for attaching dissimilar metal tubulars in corrosive environments. OPT also offers its Celeriset® line of diameter measuring gauges for superior inspection of threaded products and a novel water-soluble storage and running compound, EcoStore®.

Contact OPT today to discuss your application and to learn more about our unending pursuit of excellence in tubular connector design, development, performance, and quality.