Storage & Running Compounds

EcoStoreEcoStore™ is a unique, water-soluble rust inhibitor that is safe for the environment and contains no harmful ingredients. It was developed by OPT specifically for long-term protection of metals from rust in applications such as the storage of oilfield tubular goods. Easy to apply, remove, and dispose of, the exclusive EcoStore formulation protects parts from rust for up to 12 months.


EcoStore is readily applied with a cloth or brush but remains resistant to cracking or runoff at typical temperature extremes. It is easily removed using warm soapy water, a pressure washer, or a steam cleaner. Unlike petroleum-based rust inhibitors, no dangerous and expensive solvents are needed to remove EcoStore.


Since EcoStore contains no harmful ingredients and is safe for the environment—and since no solvents are required for cleanup—no special disposal or collection systems are required during application or removal of the product.


EcoStore is an excellent lubricant and can be used instead of grease for rust protection and assembly of threaded connections or other assemblies that have parts in metal-to-metal contact.


Contact OPT for more information and take a look at the EcoStore Data Sheet and MSDS.