Special Developments

Special Developments at OilPatch TechnologiesOPT’s core culture is that of solving some of the toughest challenges in the Oil & Gas Industry. This ability is achieved by first having a team of dedicated people with many years of direct Oil & Gas Industry experience. Secondly, OPT is quick and nimble, which allows us to first Listen to the customer. We can then respond in a very innovative, “boundaryless” manner – using the most advanced computational tools on the planet.


 Some examples of our special developments:

  • All forms of oilfield connectors (mechanical and hydraulic), hydraulic couplers
  • Subsea trees, valves, and actuators
  • Subsea intervention systems
  • Special risers, stress joints, and tensioning systems
  • Subsea wellhead equipment
  • Advanced carbon fiber composites (risers, C&K lines, etc.)
  • Acoustic measurement and flaw detection
  • Buoyancy and thrust systems
  • Pipe handling systems





If you need a solution to difficult problem, then give us a call at (713) 939-7711. We are ready to listen and then help you solve it.