SEA Inspection System

OPT designs and manufactures MPI systems for special end area pipe inspection. High production rates are achievable for pipe mill output. Four basic components are custom designed to meet pipe sizes and weights up to 16” OD:

  • Mechanics to feed the system (lift, endo, rotate) are modular
  • A pneumatic clamp to restrain and rotate the pipe is floor mounted
  • A floor-mounted frame provides height adjustment and support for the mag coils
  • Electrical enclosures for coil power supplies and PLC controller

SEA Inspection System

Black light booths are modular, designed to customer requirements, and erectable at the installation site. The entire system can be field installed with OPT personnel. This system can be fully automated or manually operated by the inspector.

The basic principles of magnetic fields can be reconfigured to inspect pipe couplings.


OilPatch Technologies SEA system with proprietary electronics.



OilPatch Technologies SEA system with proprietary electronics and portable housing.