Riser Tensioners

OilPatch Technologies is an industry leader in the engineering and manufacture of tensioning systems for production and drilling risers for offshore projects. OPT tensioners include both hydropneumatic systems and buoyancy cans. OPT has engineered and supplied hydropneumatic tensioning systems for TLP and Spar projects, typically in deep water. OPT supplied six tensioning systems for Anadarko’s Gulf of Mexico Marco Polo project; these tensioners have been in service seven years with no warranty claims. OPT is currently near completion of a contract for turnkey engineering and supply of drilling and production riser tensioners for Petrobras’ Papa Terra TLP in deep water in Brazil. This will be the first TLP installed offshore Brazil.


OPT has also developed buoyancy can designs to tension risers from Spar systems. OPT was responsible for engineering , manufacture, and installation of the buoyancy cans used in the Gulf of Mexico Neptune Spar, the world’s first Spar project. OPT has since developed light-weight buoyancy can designs for deepwater applications.









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