Riser Joints & Specialty Joints

OilPatch Technologies has supplied welded riser joints with both premium pin and box threaded connectors and compact-flanged connectors. All joints use proprietary OPT connectors. OPT has developed and patented welding techniques to improve fatigue resistance of riser-joint welds.

OPT offers threaded-and-coupled riser joints with our patented connection that eliminates welds from the string, allowing use of higher strength pipe to reduce riser weight and associated tensioning requirements. Since OPT is the only riser supplier currently offering field-proven welded and T&C riser connections, we can uniquely offer “hybrid” riser strings combining both T&C and premium pin/box connectors to economically maximize riser efficiency. This has been done on Murphy’s Kikeh Spar project offshore Malaysia. OPT is experienced in designing and supplying buoyancy, insulation, anti-fouling coating, strakes, and other related riser joint appendages.

Riser Joints

OPT has supplied specialty joints, tension and keel and tapered stress joints, for TLP and Spar projects. These OPT joints are custom-engineered for each specific application, and utilize OPT proprietary threaded and flanged connections. OPT’s team of state-of-the-art vendors in the USA and abroad provide efficient manufacturing operations to supply cost-effective product solutions. OPT has supplied these joints for the Neptune, Petronius, and Prince projects; we are also in the engineering stage of a contract to supply tapered stress joints for TOTAL’s Moho Nord project in Congo West Africa.


 OPT specialty joints with our connections, strakes, and protectors. 



OilPatch Technologies designed and manufactured the studs, nuts, and tensioning metrics for this tapered stress joint interface.



OilPatch Technologies tapered stress joint, saver sub, and premium threaded connections at integration trials in Italy.



OilPatch Technologies tapered stress joint interface to FMC tie back connector.



OilPatch Technologies specialty joints.



OilPatch Technologies pipe stenciling for the Moho Nord TLP project in West Africa.