Reliability.pngThe demands of the Oil and Gas Industry require companies to do what they say, when they say they will do it. At the very basic level, OPT recognizes that total cycle reliability is key to success in the challenging Oil and Gas arena. We believe that total cycle reliability is not achieved by fancy-named programs or initiatives. Instead, true reliability is achieved through following some simple, common-sense philosophies:

  • Understand the Problem – We take the time and effort to understand the problem and listening to the customer as the key first step to everything we do.
  • Process-Driven Action – Deliberate and pre-planned activities always beats ad-hoc methods. This improves overall quality and makes OPT a learning organization -- we get better each and every day by documenting what works and what doesn’t work.
  • Strong Relationships – OPT concentrates on developing great, long-term relationships with its suppliers and customers. This provides very predictable supply chain performance.
  • Experience – OPT has motivated and extremely experienced people that have pioneered many products and systems in the Oil and Gas Industry. We use this experience to help us foresee and eliminate unexpected problems and failures. This experience is also coupled with a high degree of theoretical understanding and prediction capability.
  • Communication – Both technical and scheduler challenges will occur, and by fostering frank, effective, and inclusive communication between all stakeholders we improve the predictability of the project or development.