Stone Energy/Cross Solutions - Multibore Intervention System


Stone Energy/Cross Solutions


Pompano - GOM

Project Description:

OPT is designing and manufacturing parts of a new, revolutionary work-over system that provides the workover of dual-completion trees from a single monobore riser. Unique to this system, is the ability to perform workovers without a riser system at all. Benefits of this system are:
  • Simple, lightweight, monobore system can be used to perform complex operations on various bores of a multibore tree system. The switching of bores can be done remotely without system retrieval.
  • Reduced required topside equipment to perform the workover operations – leading to more vessel options and reduced costs
  • Greater rig mobility and improved weather window in Riser-less mode

OPT is proud to be part of this revolutionary new development with Cross Solutions and Stone Energy.






Cross Solutions/Stone Energy


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