NF2000 Threaded-and-Coupled Connector

Threaded and Coupled ConnectorOPT’s patented NF2000™ is a true revolution in threaded-and-coupled (T&C) connections. The unique field-proven NF2000 design has redefined “premium” and is unequaled in performance and fatigue life.

Thorough and sophisticated finite element analysis and testing has proven that you can’t buy a better threaded connection for demanding deepwater TLP and Spar production risers. OPT’s demanding manufacturing techniques and requirements insure outstanding quality and trouble-free performance for the life of the riser.

The NF2000’s Better-than-Base-Metal™ fatigue performance has redefined when and where T&C connections can be used in riser strings, resulting in significant cost and weight savings. The NF2000 was the first T&C connection to ever be used throughout a production riser string on the Oveng and Okume TLP's in West Africa.

Because of the unique requirements of each operator and field, you can’t just pick a riser connector out of a catalog! Every NF2000 is custom-designed by OPT to exactly meet the customer’s specifications. OPT’s engineers have the skill, resources, and experience to do this quickly and efficiently. For the complete NF2000 story, take a look at the NF2000 brochure or contact OPT today.