Hydraulic Connectors

With a long history of innovation and field success, OPT’s expertise in hydraulically-operated connections has resulted in numerous connector developments for subsea applications. OPT engineers designed these connections to meet the customer’s specific needs and demanding requirements—then proved them out using both finite element analysis and rigorous testing.


These connections typically have to withstand large tension and bending loads while maintaining 100% reliable pressure integrity. One project involved the development of a large remotely-operated hydraulic connector for a subsea tree. The connector uses a single split ring to achieve locking. Another customer had a need that led to a new line of connections used in subsea well workover operations that use collet fingers to lock the connection together. Knowledge of seals, coatings, hydraulics, and materials is essential in these products.




If you have a need for hydraulic connections of any kind, OPT engineers are poised to develop new products to meet your requirements. Contact us today.