Engineering Design & Analysis

OilPatch Technologies began life in 1990 as an engineering services company. The founding partners—all engineers by degree—steadily grew the company by providing innovative and timely engineering design and analysis solutions for its clients. Most of those clients were major oil and gas companies, but the client list also included companies in other industries—such as aerospace, naval, salvage, piping, and software. Through its partnership with a major titanium material supplier, OPT was also instrumental in the successful introduction of titanium alloys into the energy industry and others.

Today, OPT is an integrated company providing a wide variety of products and services, but at our core is still a commitment to provide our clients world-class innovative engineering solutions. Whether it’s a client who has a piece of failed equipment and needs OPT to figure out why it failed and to design a better solution, a client who needs a product to be analyzed and verified, a client who needs help figuring out how to decommission a complex system of components, or a client who just needs an expert opinion, OPT is ready to help.

OPT provides a wide range of professional engineering and analysis services such as:

  • Conceptual and detailed engineering of systems and components
  • Non-linear structural and thermal finite element analysis (FEA) using Ansys®
  • 3D modeling and rendering using SolidWorks®
  • Creation of specifications, procedures, drawings, and engineering documentation

If you need help to meet the engineering design or analysis goals of your project, contact OPT today and we’d be happy to discuss your needs with you.

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