Electrically-Resistive Coupling (ERC)

OPT’s field-proven ERC connection is a reliable electrically isolating connection used to connect dissimilar tubular materials (e.g., steel and Inconel or titanium). The ERC is especially significant in downhole casing and tubing strings—such as disposal wells—where highly-corrosive environments demand that corrosion resistant materials be used. Having a reliable, full-strength electrically-resistive pipe connection can lead to tremendous cost savings by allowing the expensive CRA pipe to be used only in the needed zones.

Electrically-Resistive Coupling


The ERC works by using advanced ceramic components to eliminate any metal-to-metal contact across the connection and therefore eliminates any electrical conductivity thru the connection. Typical electrical resistance exceeds 20 million ohms.


ERC4.pngEach ERC connection is designed using finite element analysis to meet or exceed the tension, compression, bending, and pressure strength of the attached pipe…something that cannot be achieved with other insulating connection designs. Each ERC is fully assembled and tested at the factory and delivered ready to place into the pipe string.


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