EDM Calibration Standards

OilPatch Technologies has been an oilfield leader in supply of calibration standards for use in non-destructive testing and corrosion inspection systems for the last decade. The standards are embedded with known flaws (defects) to calibrate inspection systems in the field prior to production inspection operations.


The flaws can be applied to either pipe ID’s or OD’s, as well as embedded within welds, to calibrate ultrasonic inspection operations. OPT can manufacture the flaws in customer-supplied material (either in OPT’s shop or at the customer’s field location) or supply the calibration standard turnkey. OPT has developed proprietary equipment and processes to enable defects to be precisely generated to calibrate sophisticated inspection operations. OPT can also generate unique flaws simulating pitting and other types of corrosion.


OPT has provided calibration standards to major oil and gas companies, oilfield equipment suppliers, test labs, and pipe yards throughout the USA.



Sophisticated notch-cutting can be done on customer issued parts or equipment manufactured in-house and assembled per customer needs. 



Notches for customer testing per customer requirements.



OilPatch Technologies EDM notch-cutting system with electronics.