EDM Notch-Cutting System

OilPatch Technologies is an oilfield leader in supply of proprietary equipment to manufacture known defects (notches) by EDM to make calibration standards for use in non-destructive testing and corrosion inspection systems. The “notch-cutting system” can create known defects on the ID or OD of pipe. The OPT portable system includes a mechanical cutting head, customized power supply, and oil reservoir. This system can be used in a shop or field environment to create precision-controlled defects. It is available in the USA, Mexico, South America, Europe, Russia, Asia, and Middle-East. OPT typically provides on-site training with the sale of the equipment.


OPT can provide complete EDM notch-cutting systems assembled to meet the customer's needs.



 OPT's expert knowledge and experience with EDM systems is unmatched.



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