Featured Projects
  • Hess - Oveng and Okume

    Client: Hess
    Location: Gulf of Mexico

    Oveng and Okume are TLP platforms located in the northern block of Equatorial Guinea, owned by Hess Equatorial Guinea, Incorporated (AHEGI). Both platforms were designed for 18 top tensioned production riser systems and/or water injection direct vertical access risers and tender-assist drilling unit. The entire project was completed ...

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    Hess - Oveng and Okume
  • JLE Industries - Inspection Equipment

    Client: JLE Industries
    Location: Marcellus/Utica Region

    JLE industries opened a new pipe and casing facility in West Virginia, a state-of-the-art facility for the heart of the Marcellus/Utica region. To accomplish this goal JLE contracted OilPatch Technologies (OPT) to design, fabricate, install and program a custom end-area inspection station. OPT designed, built and installed JLE ...

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    JLE Industries - Inspection Equipment
  • Full Scale Testing Equipment

    Client: Various
    Location: United States

    Even for large multi-national companies’, resources needed to accomplish special projects can be scarce, so OilPatch Technologies (OPT) can be the perfect partner to help fill the void in such projects. In this instance OPT was given a specific set of system requirements and basic conceptual layout by ...

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    Full Scale Testing Equipment
  • Oryx/Anadarko - Neptune Spar

    Client: Oryx/Anadarko
    Location: Gulf of Mexico

    Oryx’s Neptune development featured the first spar production platform. OilPatch Technologies (OPT’s) is extremely proud to have been selected by Oryx to provide the engineering, procurement, construction and installation for this first of its kind riser system. The project was OPT’s first within the riser system field and led to ...

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    Oryx/Anadarko - Neptune Spar
  • Load Cell Frame

    Client: Various
    Location: United States

    Over time the original design intent for some capital equipment may need to be modified, or companies’ safety standards may change; making the equipment un-usable under the new guidelines. This can happen with any type of equipment. A customer of OilPatch Technologies (OPT) contacted us to modify an ...

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    Load Cell Frame
  • Anadarko - Constitution Retrieval Tools

    Client: Anadarko
    Location: Gulf of Mexico

    Constitution is both deep-water production SPAR platform in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM), and came online in 2006.  While OilPatch Technologies (OPT) was not involved with the development, design or supplied equipment of this spar we were contracted to design a safe retrieval process of the riser strings ...

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    Anadarko - Constitution Retrieval Tools
  • Petrobras/Dril-Quip/FloaTec - Papa Terra

    Client: Dril-Quip/FloaTEC/Petrobras
    Location: Papa Terra, Brazil

    OPT designed and manufactured riser tensioners for drilling and production risers for Petrobras’ Papa Terra tension leg platform. Delivery will complete in December 2013, with installation commencing in 2014.

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    Petrobras/Dril-Quip/FloaTec - Papa Terra
  • Stone Energy/Cross Solutions - Multibore Intervention System

    Client: Stone Energy/Cross Solutions
    Location: Pompano - GOM

    OPT is designing and manufacturing parts of a new, revolutionary work-over system that provides the workover of dual-completion trees from a single monobore riser. Unique to this system, is the ability to perform workovers without a riser system at all. Benefits of this system are:
    Stone Energy/Cross Solutions - Multibore Intervention System
  • Inspection Equipment Refurbishment

    Client: Various
    Location: Various

    Refurbishment, if done right, and by the right people can provide companies with significant cost savings when factoring down-time, cost verse new, or safety. To achieve these cost savings, it’s imperative that a company selects quality service centers that will deliver on-time, on-budget and with honest pricing. That’s ...

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    Inspection Equipment Refurbishment
  • TOTAL E&P - Moho Nord

    Client: TOTAL E&P
    Location: Moho-Bilondo License / Republic of the Congo, West Africa

    OilPatch Technologies was awarded a major production riser and stress joint delivery contract for Total's Moho Nord development in the Moho Bolindo Permit offshore Congo. Moho Nord is the third and final phase of development for the Moho Bolindo project and will target additional reserves in the southern ...

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    TOTAL E&P - Moho Nord
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NF2000 Threaded and Coupled Connector

NF2000 Threaded-and-Coupled

OPT’s patented NF2000™ is a true revolution in threaded-and-coupled connections. The unique field-proven NF2000 design has redefined “premium” and is unequaled in performance and fatigue life.
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